Uncertainty is the mother of all motivations !

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Abdul Aziz Shaghlel

12/28/20231 min read

photo of green painted wall
photo of green painted wall

How many times have we been recognized for what we did and/or achieved, felt inspired for a while, and then it all faded away? What about certainty? We all need a sense of comfort, ease, and calm in our lives. Of course, we aspire to career advancements, job opportunities, and business expansion. However, when everything becomes predictable and rhetorical, it's only a matter of time before our motivation dies down, knowing that nothing extraordinary lies ahead.

Then there's progress, a powerful motivator that is long-lasting, durable, and effective. However, have you ever thought about how many times you've felt unmotivated while making progress? The reasons vary; they could be insufficient progress, delayed progress, or progress in an unfavorable direction. People feel demotivated when things do not go their way, and occasionally even when things go their way.

All this leads me to believe that uncertainty is the mother of all motivations. Uncertainty literally opens all possibilities for you. Believing in uncertainty means that you can't predict what your greatest achievement will be in life, or where you'll be one year or five years from now. You could become a great leader, athlete, entrepreneur, who knows!. There is no telling what you can and cannot do as long as you keep doing and trying. And that what keeps you motivated most of the time.