Move From Pursuing to Persuading

Short Article

Abdul Aziz shaghlel

12/28/20231 min read

Naturally, at a young age or stage, you must keep pursuing and pushing as hard as you can. You need to keep pursuing and pushing, regardless of whether it's money, a career, a business, etc. However, you will come to the realization that pursuing will not work at some point in our lives. And if it does, it will drain your energy, eat up a lot of your time, and frequently yield results that fall short of your expectations.

Persuasion is the polar opposite. Instead of pursuing and pushing to convince others why you deserve that job, that promotion, or that funding. Persuasion attracts and pulls people to you. If you invest in improving your education, skills, character, qualifications, experience, exposure, and connections, that job will find you, investors will contact you, and people will want to collaborate with you. And, most of the time, you get far more than you asked for or expected.

Don't try to sell yourself to others. You are invaluable. Instead market yourself and persuade them towards how great of a person you are.