Leadership and PM Skills Over Technical Expertise in Project Management

Abdul Aziz Shaghlel

2/12/20241 min read

In project management, the balance between leadership and technical skills is pivotal. Although technical knowledge is necessary, leadership skills are increasingly becoming the primary focus for recruiters and organizations. They now advocate for an 80/20 ratio, prioritizing project management and leadership capabilities over technical skills.

At the core of effective project management is strong leadership. This role demands more than just guiding a team; it involves inspiring and motivating team members, overcoming obstacles, and leading projects to successful completion. Leadership in project management encompasses excellent communication, the ability to make informed decisions swiftly, and the skill to manage both resources and stakeholder expectations efficiently. These competencies are essential for navigating the complexities of modern projects and ensuring that teams remain focused and productive.

Technical skills are foundational but secondary. They equip project managers with a basic understanding of the project's technical aspects, but it's the leadership qualities that truly drive a project's success. This emphasis on leadership skills over technical knowledge is not diminishing the value of technical expertise but highlighting the critical role of leadership in achieving project objectives.

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