How to Pass the PMP exam in 3 months?

Abdul Aziz Shaghlel

12/28/20231 min read

The PMP exam is not as easy or as hard as people think. It is just a decent exam that requires decent amount of preparation. Nevertheless, if you are looking for passing the exam in just few weeks, you are most probably not going to understand the essence of the course.

Remember, a certificate without knowledge is just a piece of paper that may rarely have value or an impact on your career or professional life.

Hence, a reasonable amount of time and effort is enough to help you ACE the exam and understand the course thoroughly.

Alright, Let's cut to the chase now and talk about the study plan. So the strategy consist of 4 steps implemented on the course of 3 months.

Step 1: The Book (2 months)

- Buy the following book (Available on #Amazon) that consist of 900 pages approx.

Book Name: "PMP Project Management Professional Exam Certification Kit: 2021 Exam Update" Kim Heldman

- Read 15 pages/day to finish in two months.

- Take down the important points/highlights as you read to create a summary of around 180 pages by the time you finish the book.

Step 2: The Videos (2 weeks)

- You can watch all or some of the videos that concerns you on the following channel. The channel contains rich information on several aspects of the PMP. Edward Shehab, PfMP, PgMP, PMP, CBAP, CSSGB

(YouTube Channel = Edward Shehab)

Step 3: Practice Tests (2 weeks)

- The above book comes with a smaller book that contains 1000 practice test questions with detailed solutions and explanations.

- Solve all the 1000 questions, note down what questions you got wrong to go through again once you are done.

- Note down the difficult questions in the summary you have created (180 pages)

Step 4: The Exam

- Right after you finish the first 3 steps, keep 3 days for revision, 1 day for rest, and then take the test.

Below is a youtube video on how to pass the #PMP exam in 3 months.